Level 3


 Sophie Leger

Centro de Estudios Psico-Analogicos
Charcas 5054
(CPA5002) – Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires- Argentina

Level 3: Hua Tu’s Five Animal Forms, four more Yiquan Standing Qigong postures and begining instruction in The Immortals’ Guide to Self’Massage and Breath Regulation and the Red Phoenix Calisthenics.

TBA, 2015
Fee: AR$ 1.400

Advanced registration is required.
50% discount when repeating these levels

Daoist Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice of physical fitness to balance and retain youthfulness in the body. It cultivates strength of body and calmness of mind. Its gentle, rythmic movements have been proven to reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality, and enhance the immune system. Daoist qigong is a spiritual discipline that cultivates body and mind sumultaneously.Dr. Eva Wong is a lineage carrier in the Primordial Limitless Gate and Standing Qigong schools. She is author and translator of 13 books on the Daoist arts of health, meditation, and qigong. These first two of the nine level program series teach the fundamental qigong forms of the system and include talks on Daoist principles and masters.

To register (space limited):

Step 1: Create account: https://eventioz.com.ar/
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For more information email: info@daoist-qigongargentina.com

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